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Dabcovich Design provides graphic design and creative services for advertising, marketing, and communications. Working with businesses, ad agencies, and in-house marketing departments, we deliver unique, creative solutions from concept through production. We use a collaborative and iterative approach, enabling the most successful results for each project. 

Wendy Dabcovich

An experienced creative director, art director and graphic designer, Wendy produces marketing, advertising, and branding for organizations across industries and media. She has managed the design and creative production of a wide range of projects, including consumer advertising, B2B marketing, digital and interactive media. Wendy has the skills, experience, and network necessary to design and execute successful marketing and communications projects.

"I love what I do because each project presents unique challenges, and new learning experiences. As I apply my acquired skills to each new assignment, I am also aware of the importance of keeping an open mind. What was successful for one client might not be the best solution for another, so I firmly believe in tailoring the creative to satisfy each client’s goals and circumstances. Visual and written communication, and tapping the appropriate media channels, are essential to marketing success, and I make every effort to set my clients apart from their competitors."

Wendy’s work experience includes art director and graphic designer roles at OHO, Mullen, and The Boston Globe.


For more, visit Wendy’s profile on LinkedIn.

Wendy also enjoys painting and photography.

View her art galleries at and

Eric Nordberg

Since 1994, Eric Nordberg has provided award-winning commercial photography services to clients for advertising, promotion, and editorial purposes. His work has spanned a variety of media, including magazines, newspapers, billboards, tradeshow booths, kiosks, brochures, annual reports, and the internet.

"I approach every assignment with a fresh perspective, striving to capture the essence of each client's message and personality in a unique and clever manner. I have had the honor of working with some exceptional clients over the years. A few include The Boston Globe, Museum of Science, Children’s Hospital, Mullen, OHO Interactive, and Matter Communications. I have also worked with several schools, including Buckingham Browne and Nichols, Northeastern University, Emerson College, Suffolk University, Harvard, MIT, MassBay Community College, and many more. I truly enjoy the variety of subject matter these different  institutions encompass, keeping my passion for photography fresh and exciting. In turn, I often get my clients excited and emotionally engaged in the creative process."

Eric’s areas of expertise include portrait, still life, lifestyle, conceptual, editorial, scenic, and education.

For more, visit Eric’s profile on LinkedIn, view his portfolio.

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